People often think of physical therapy as post-surgery care. However, pre-operative rehabilitation (or prehabilitation), can significantly impact your surgical plan of care. And, research shows that it improves post-operative results.

In the days, weeks, or months prior to a planned surgery, look to Symmetry Physical Therapy for expert preparation. By working with you to improve range of motion, muscle strength, and function, a therapist can minimize the compensatory adjustments your body may be making due to the injury. Your therapist also helps you understand typical post-operative outcomes and offers guidance to set work, daily life, and recreational goals that can relieve pre-surgery stress.

Once you are ready for post-operative rehabilitation, your Symmetry therapist individualizes services to meet your particular needs. Working alongside your referring doctor, your therapist helps you regain full function to do the things you love!

Expert Symmetry therapists help patients prepare for and recover from procedures such as total knee and hip replacements, rotator cuff and shoulder surgeries, labral repairs and hip surgeries, ligament repairs and knee surgeries, spinal surgeries, and others.