Symmetry offers wellness screens for individuals that are may be experiencing a low level of pain or no pain at all. We can help determine if you are ready to safely start a workout routine or start playing a seasonal sport. Often times we assume we can jump into a workout and be ok, but this can lead to injury. How you are moving is highly predictive of whether or not you will be injured when you participate in a workout or sport. Prevention is much easier than coping with an injury. We can take your history and perform a movement screening. This will give us a good idea if you’re ready to participate safely in your workout or sport. We can make recommendations at that time to ensure you are on the right track for your health.

Wellness Check Up evaluations and follow-ups are NOT covered by insurance. 45 minute appointments are $100 and 60 mins appointments are $125.


This offering is only for patients who have completed the rehabilitation process at Symmetry. When you have met all of your rehab goals and are back participating in activities, we understand that patients can require tune ups in order to prevent pain from returning. We can provide hands-on care and upgrade/modify a home exercise program accordingly in order to keep you healthy and active. This is not designed to be consistent care, but only as needed.

These tune-ups are NOT covered by insurance. 45 minute appointments are $100 and 60 mins are $125.