I began treatment at Symmetry for chronic shoulder and back pain caused by over 30 years of competing in the sport of rowing. I also had developed a hunchback posture from over 30 years of working at a desk. I had tried physical therapy twice before but had little success. My physician asked me to try again and a friend recommended I try Symmetry.

The treatment I received at Symmetry was transformational. First, I worked with the same therapist every visit and my therapist came to really know my muscles and limitations. Second, my therapist was excellent at using diagnostic testing to identify tight muscles causing pain and document my progress.  Third, my therapist did an outstanding job manipulating my muscles to release them and teach them to relax. Each treatment brought more relief. Finally, my therapist devised great home exercise routines that constantly evolved to help me stretch and strengthen my muscles between visits.

I truly cannot believe the results of my therapy. I have no shoulder or back pain and my posture is normal. I honestly did not think a full recovery was possible. I would recommend Symmetry to anyone with muscle pain or or poor posture.