Our Philosophy

Symmetry Physical Therapy prides itself on offering one-on-one expert physical therapy services. We believe that each patient deserves the attention and skill of a licensed physical therapist at every session. We use a variety of techniques to guide our patients through the rehabilitation process. Each patient presents with a unique history and therefore the treatment needs to be tailored to the individual and their goals for therapy. Most commonly, treatment consists of a variety of hands-on techniques to relieve pain and allow for more freedom of movement. Exercises are prescribed to ensure the relief with the hands-on work is maintained and that patients learn healthy patterns of movement and has sufficient strength to return to all activities.

Patients Trust Our Service

I truly cannot believe the results of my therapy. I have no shoulder or back pain and my posture is normal. I honestly did not think a full recovery was possible. I would recommend Symmetry to anyone with muscle pain or or poor posture.J. Z.